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We provide healthy, portioned, macro friendly pre-cooked, packaged meals. We have the choices of breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as side salads and Snack packs. Our menu changes weekly and each size portion has the macro breakdown on the website and on each label on each meal you order!  We cook in a commercial certified and approved by the board of health kitchen. All employees are certified and licensed in food handling, nutrition and macro experts! Meal orders are due every Wednesday by midnight and ready for pickup around 3:00pm every Sunday. Our customers receive an email when orders are ready for pickup!

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New restaurants open all the time. Most options have very limited healthy options and aren't always affordable. Our goal is to keep you plugged into the healthy food scene so you always have healthy food options. It shouldn't be hard or expensive to stay in good health and to have a balanced diet. Check back often to find the latest menu items. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media! 

Founder & CEO


"Passionate" is the best word to describe Dominique - the founder, owner and backbone of Uniquely Positive. She came into the fitness world around 2007 and quickly came to realize that this world of "fit" needs a change. Without hesitation she started her mission with the sole

goal of forming her companies to be the number one face of positive, motivating, and uplifting. Her unwilling determination to change lives has not and will never stop. She started solely with her parent company 'Uniquely Positive' and now has her womens fitness facility 'Gym UP' and of course the amazing meal prep company 'Fuel UP'. She is on a mission to change lives in every aspect possible.

"I always knew I was meant for something more, I knew God gave me this heart and drive for a reason. This is what I was

created for. I don't ever plan on stopping, it's just in my blood" - Dominique Terrase 


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